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Plan8 specialise in immersive 360° Virtual Tours, 3D scanning, RTI imaging, Film & Photography, Projection Mapping, Drone imaging, surveys & Mapping 

Based in west Cornwall, Plan8 are the end to end solution for 3D and interactive/immersive media. We produce AR and VR apps, projection mapping systems, interactive visitor experiences, web based 360° site tours, digital art installations, mapping services, info-graphics and are experienced with many other 3D multimedia platforms.

The Minack Theatre

“With this 180 degree projection display we have now, you feel like you’re within that experience, but without having to wear the headset”

Zoe Curnow – executive director

Jennifer Bell -Songography project

“Could do that a hundred times. It’s a mix of storytelling and documentary that felt really personal to me.”

Jennifer Bell – composer

The Copper Works - Newlyn

“Having an interactive 3D AR model of our work enables viewers to get a real sense of scale and texture of our work in their own home”

Michael Johnson – Principal Craftsman

Gwennap Head NCI

“ The 3D print illustrating the Rnnelstone Reef, the tides and the surrounding environs. will be extremely helpfull in helping trainee watchkeepers and visitors understand why the sea area is so potentially dangerous. ”

NCI Committee

our team

Luke Brown

Luke Brown

Reality Hunter-Gatherer

Andrew Wood

Andrew Wood

Virtual Farmer

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