AR Business Cards

Networking Made Easy

Augmented Reality Business Cards

AR business cards help you stand out from the competition. Engage potential clients and tell your story in an interactive and effective way.

Track UTM links for analytics.

Prices start from £150 per year

How Does It Work..?


1 - Upload Your Business Card Design

Your image or design that will trigger the AR media on your card

2 - Make it Yours

Enter your contact details that will appear on your AR Card

3 - QR Code

We will generate your unique QR code and configure your AR App hosting, then send you back the QR code placed on the card image you sent us ready to print. We also send you the QR code by itself for use in other situations if you prefer.


What Do I receive?

After you make your purchase, you will receive back from us a revised card image that includes your personalised QR code ready for printing. You will also receive a copy of the QR code on its own to use as you like.

The QR code contains the web-link to your AR content. 

What makes an effective AR card design?

The card design needs to be easily  recognisable by your phone’s camera.

Images should include high contrast, preferably asymetrical in design, contain many decernable points (ie few blank areas).

Photographs work well.

What Devices will the AR content work on?

In general, all modern smart phones and tablets no older than 2018 should work fine.

Will users need to download an app?

No! Because our AR platform is web based, the QR code simply opens a web browser which hosts the application. Users may need to accept a prompt to allow the browser access to the phone’s camera.

Can I update my content?

Of course you can! That is one of the advanges of an AR business card.

Video, photos, links, 3D models etc can all be changed at anytime. We do charge a small administration fee for each alteration.

What technical aspects do I need to consider with 3D content?

Like any internet served data, file size is of critical importance. Models with very high “polycounts” (very dense mesh sizes), will slow down app delivery and may even stop it loading at all in extreme cases.

In order to overcome this, only Low Poly models should be used. There is no exact figure to aim for, and as part of the more expensive 3D content packages we offer, we will check over and advise on any supplied 3D content and for basic assets, we can optimise them for mobile delivery.

We can work with a wide range of model formats, but prefer “gltf” format.

Animations can be included, but only in the 3D+ Package. We do not supply a price for this package as there are too many varibales to consider for each individual case, so we quote on a bespoke job level.

Another consideration is the legal ownership of the model – do you have permision to use the model for comercial purposes? For this reason, it is the customers duty to ensure they have the correct usage rights over any media supplied.

What are the advantages of having an AR enabled business card?
  • Keep your promotional strategy memorable, up to date and fresh
  • You can think of it as a micro website, or even a live information channel
  • It makes it easy and fun to access easily digestable, bite sized chunks of information
  • Works app free
  • Works on a range of mobile devices
  • A great talking point with new clients
  • Helps encourage clients to retain your business card
Why is AR the future?

Unlike VR, which isolates the user from the outside world, AR as its name implies, augments reality in an inclusive format, placing extra layers of information on the world as we experience it with others.

Can this AR technology be applied to formats other than business cards?

The possibilities for AR application are huge. AR signage, product packaging, Maps and print media are just a small handfull of places AR technology can enhance a users experience.

How will I know if my AR card is effective?

On our upper tier packages, users can access analytical data which can help greatly in marketing strategy.